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Dr Gordon Ku is available for doing video calls for scripts on the following days and times of the week:

Every alternate Monday from 6th August:  4pm-7pm (so 6/8
, 20/8, 3/9 and so on)

Every Wednesday: 5pm-7:30pm

Please send the client's details using the form to the right, at least one day before the required video call.

The fee is usually $44 per script (inclusive of GST
), unless otherwise discussed.

The best way is to send Dr Ku your details and the client's details as outlined in the form and email Dr Ku beforehand to organize a scripting agreement with you (the nurse or clinic).

If Dr Ku is away for any period of time, it will be published here:
June 20

July 5-8

July 11-17


Thanks! Message sent.

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